End of days

Posted by on November 1, 2005 at 12:00 am.

One of my best, closest and most loyal friends is lying curled up behind me. She often stops by to visit, but once I move house and leave this town in less than a week, I may never see her again.

I’ve been trying to tell her this for ages; being extra careful to always open the door for her, making sure she gets a good long hug to welcome her when she arrives; always having some of her favourite drink available.

And I think it’s sinking in now. She’s normally off home by the time it’s getting dark, but here she is, visiting for the second time today, and asleep on the couch where she never normally sits ā€“ she prefers to sit on the rug on the floor ā€“ just, it seems, to be near me as I perch on the edge of the couch using the laptop and gazing out of the window, through the fairy lights I borrowed from a friend, at one of the last pink Brighton sunsets I’m going to see.

I can just feel a little warmth radiating from her as she snoozes, keeping my back from draughts.

She is PC, the neighbour’s cat.

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