Rebirth of the phoenix

Posted by on December 12, 2008 at 2:49 pm.

Because blogs need pretencious titles, n’est-ce pas?

So, every so often, I rebuild this blog after a technical calamity or personal epiphany stops me from keeping it. And on each ocassion, I write something a little bit like this. Chances are it won’t remain once there is some actual content to take its place, so it’s in essence the last of the dodos. Stroke it while you can.

WordPress was in fact a joy to install this time. I never knew what killed the database last time. However, one day into using it this time around, they updated to 2.7. I dutifully upgraded to the new version, only to find a terminal error. It turns out that the new version introduced a variable name which was also in use in my theme. It’s at times like that that I am very grateful to be hosting this myself. Rather than asking some anonymous support desk whether help would be available in March 2010 or perhaps never, I was able to simply login, remind myself how PHP worked, and fix the files myself. I am now rather proud that I can still negotiate code. Not that it was anything very complicated, but it has been… a while.

Tonight I am off to the Christmas bash of the Liverpool Flying School. I am rather hoping to see the odd handlebar moustache and to be invited up in some antique “kite”… I’ll report back later. Mince pies and wine later.

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